CJ2 – My Time to Leap

In ESCI 302, we were asked to look into a movement called The Leap Manifesto. This movement encourages people, governments, and really, the entire world to take the leap into a more sustainable lifestyle that will help to disrupt climate change. This manifesto along with the documentary Before the Flood encouraged me to finally take the leap to being a vegetarian. I have not eaten red meat for nearly two years and in February I decided to stop eating chicken as well, but I was still eating seafood. There are many reasons for the change in my diet but the main reason was that of the meat industries’ harmful effects on the environment. 







For my second creative journal, I filled in the outline of a cow with a collage of photos of food found in magazines. If you look closely at the different magazine clippings you will notice that there is no meat in any of them. This journal entry is supposed to represent what I will be eating as a replacement for meat. Another thing that makes me a bit nervous about this new transition is the stigma there is around vegetarianism. I have decided that another powerful action I will take is to try and educate people on how consuming less meat can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To confidently do that, however, I first have to educated myself which leads to the first action I will take along with becoming vegetarian; I have started reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

If you know of any other resources I should check out to help this transition please comment below. I am excited and anxious for this new change!


1 thought on “CJ2 – My Time to Leap

  1. Hello Alex! I love that you are passionate about the animals and the environment. I feel that reducing everyones intake on meats will greatly impact the environment. I also am taking the same pledge to reduce my meat intake. I think that eventually I will become a vegetarian if I continuously learn and by you helping and educating I think will push others to think about how they effect the environment! My only question is how difficult do you think this process will be of completely eliminating meat. As you are doing it in steps of eliminating each kind of meat, do you think you will be back tracking and/or reevaluating your vegetarianism ? Also why not take the next step to being a vegan! ❤


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