ECMP 455 is Over // Summary of Learning

Last week my classmate, Mackenzie Thompson, and I created our summary of learning for the course ECMP 455. Before creating it we talked about what we wanted to include in the summary and what we felt were important aspects of this course. Because we have both taken ECMP 355, we wanted to show that our knowledge of EdTech has grown and that we are more confident venturing into the world of technology in education. The video below is our summary of learning. We used Powtoon to create this video, and in the video we discuss our blogs, Twitter, EdTech tools like Google Classroom and Youtube, and we also discuss digital citizenship. Comparing some of my blog posts from ECMP 355 to my blog posts from this semester I can definitely see growth. I also notice that when I go onto Twitter I am a lot more comfortable tweeting, using hashtags, and joining conversations. One of my favorite classes this semester was when Alec facilitated a Twitter Chat for our class and Katia Hildebrandt‘s ECMP 355 class. The ECMP classes have been two of the more meaningful education classes for my growth as a pre-service teacher. Although I am happy to be moving forward in my education it is bittersweet that I am now done ECMP 455.

Thanks for following my growth this semester and enjoy this short summary of what we have learned!

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