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In ECMP455 we focus a lot on Twitter and all of its wonderful uses for teachers. This past week we did a twitter chat between our ECMP455 class as well as an ECMP355 class. For those of you that don’t know what a twitter chat is, LifeWire describes it as “a pre-arranged chat that happens on Twitter through the use of tweets that include a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation.” The hashtag we used to link all of the tweets from our chat was #ECMPChat.

Screenshot of a few of the tweets from our #ECMPchat

This Twitter chat got me thinking about how I plan on using Twitter as an educator.

My experience with Twitter had always been for personal use, and it was not before I took ECMP last year that I learned how meaningful it could be to educators. One of the great things about Twitter is that it gives you the opportunity to collaborate on a global scale. I myself, already saw the connections Twitter can facilitate when my professor Alec Couros tagged me in one of his tweets. Instantly I had other educators following me, replying to my tweets, and commenting on my blog posts. That is when I realized how many people I can reach out to for resources and also that I can be a resource for others. I hope to as an educator (as I become more Twitter-savvy) be able to use Twitter frequently for this connection. Whether that means posting questions I have on Twitter for anyone to answer or help me, answering other educators’ questions, or engaging in conversation via Twitter I really hope to stay connected. One thing I still have to check off my “Education Bucketlist” is to join the #SaskEdChat. It is a Twitter chat ran Thursday evenings that focuses on different topics surrounding education. Unfortunately, I have a night class this semester but as of April 11, I am free to join the Thursday chat so I hope to do that soon. I have also been debating how to use Twitter as a resource for my students. My students could follow me and then be able to use Twitter as a way to connect with me outside of school. Using Twitter could also be a way to introduce digital citizenship and social justice. Students should learn how to think critically about all of the content on the internet and Twitter is a good place to start because of the diverse content it has. Twitter also gives students a platform to share articles and research in a much less intimidating setting as an essay or presentation.

I think this comic hilariously represents an #edtech classroom

Altogether I look forward to growing my Twitter expertise as I move forward as an educator and maybe even reach “Twitter Champ” status one day

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3 thoughts on “All About @misstayloryqr

  1. I love the comic you added to the blog post. One thing I love about the internet is begin able to share and get resources/lessons/activities from other educators around the world and by using Twitter it makes that so much easier. I really love participating in #SaskEdChat. Such great and insightful conversations happen with so many different educators. Great blog post! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Twitter.


  2. Hi Alex:
    I was recently at an ATA meeting, talking with other reps/deans of education from various institutions about Twitter. One lady had 5 Twitter accounts, that she managed for various reasons…personal, professional, pets, institution, etc…Since I just started sinking my teeth into Twitter this year, I still only have 1 account – and things/people that fit all my interests, I follow. I knew well enough to lock my account so as to hopefully avoid inappropriate followers and such, but you can’t control for everything.

    I am wonder what you and Dr. Couros’ position is on having a separate Twitter handle for JUST education items. It seems appropriate to have a focus, but I wonder if I might miss out on networking with people who you may connect with based on things other than a primary professional interest. For example, I connected with a lady in Florida who happens to follow a favorite dog lover handle – we both love dogs, and it turns out she loves neuroscience and education (professor) at the same school that my PhD friend teaches at (small world). I also made another professional friend through a shared interest in owning Cavaliers and watching the same favorite TV show, and it turns out she’s a grad student in education. Sometimes, we just never know how me might connect/meet others with similar interests, and I question whether or not I should have to differentiate that? Perhaps that’s part of the informal relationship building or spirit of connectivism. On the flip side, I do recognize that someone who follows me for ed purposes may not necessarily want to be notified that I just shared a pic of my dogs or commented on Sharna and Bonner’s recent DWTS dance number. Would love to hear your/your prof’s/class’ thoughts 🙂


    • Hi Eve thanks for your comment! I posted it in our class discussion and will post the replies here as they come. Personally, I have my professional account but I also still have my account from when I was in high school. I chose to create a separate professional account because I felt that my high school account was rather immature and I wanted to start fresh. I follow all sort of accounts from professional, political, and comical; however, most of my tweets are from for professional purposes (sharing resources, interesting articles about education, or asking advice). I suggest using Tweetdeck which is an extension of Twitter that allows you to organize your feed into different columns. This was you could have different columns designated to tweets from professional accounts, friends’ accounts, animal accounts, etc.


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