My Experience With Youtube Editor // Who Let the Dogs Out?

I was recently asked to check out and review one content creators we have talked about in ECMP 455. I chose to look at the video editor that Youtube has. Not only was this something I had never tried, but it is was something I had never even heard of. Before diving in I watched a how-to video so that I would have a bit of a starting point rather than going in clueless. After watching the video I decided to try it out for myself.

To use the video editor option you have to be signed into your Youtube or Google account. Once you get to the homepage of the video editor, you will see a blank video screen beside all of your own Youtube videos you have created (see below).


My homepage of Video Editor

I think had I not watched the how-to video I would been very confused on how to begin. It is not clear from this page how to easily access Creative Common videos. However, I really enjoy that with this editor you can use your own videos with videos on Youtube. As a teacher, it would be very easy to create your own online lecture and then use this tool to remix your video with other videos that tie into the lesson (ie. a lecture on fractions could be remixed with a fun video of a song to memorize numerator/denominator). Youtube has all kinds of videos as well as songs available for the public to edit with.

CC is for creative commons, and this section is the Youtube videos that the public can use to edit/remix videos with.

Another great thing about the video editor is how simple it is to select and drag videos/audio. By searching under the CC or the audio section you can select the item you want to use and simply drag it to the bottom. It is also very simple to edit video and audio to the desired time length.


Just search the song/audio you would like to use, select, and drag down to {add audio} box

Altogether I think I will use this tool in creating an online unit as well as into my teaching career. The one thing I would change is being able to upload your own videos without uploading them as a Youtube video beforehand. I could not figure out how to add my own personal video to the one I was creating from on the editor; there was only an “Add Photo” option. I do believe iMovie is a stronger video editing tool; however, this editor is easy to access as well as efficient for classrooms and students who do not have MacBooks. Also, anytime something is saved online it can be accessed from any device with internet access which is a huge plus. I always enjoy working on projects that save automatically online, because the worry of losing all of my hard work is too much to handle. Here is my own video that I have been editing throughout the week! So to finish

Enjoy some adorable dogs with a catchy classic:


3 thoughts on “My Experience With Youtube Editor // Who Let the Dogs Out?

  1. Hi Alex 🙂
    Your anticipatory set worked! You “hooked” me once again with the dogs 🙂
    I’ve never had the time to figure this out, but you pointed me in the right direction and taught me something new – thanks!


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