Welcome (Back)!


If you don’t yet know me my name is Alex, and if you already know me, welcome back to my blog! Unfortunately, blogging is not something I keep up with as much as I would like, but I am looking forward to another semester of ECMP to get me back into the action of putting my thoughts into words.

“About the author”

I am in my second year of university in the Secondary Ed. Program; my major is Math and my minor is Inclusive Education. Some of my favorite things to do between school and work are walking my dog, playing basketball, going out for food, and scrolling through Twitter. I think the reason I love Twitter so much is because you can connect to so many different resources about all kinds of topics. Although I do use Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is definitely my favorite social media website; my own twitter account features everything from world news to Math resources for teachers to hilarious dog memes. I did not understand how to utilize twitter to my full advantage before last year when I took ECMP 355.


Me and my adorable dog, Callie after a long walk this winter


This semester I am in ECMP 455 with Alec Couros; I have taken ECMP 355 with Alec as well as Katia Hildebrandt. For the most part, I still use all of the tech tools they introduced me to. When I took ECMP 355 I was very new to a lot of the websites and resources we used, and I find I am still learning new things about these tools even a year after I took that course. For ECMP 455 I have thought of 3 goals I would like to achieve by the end of the semester:

  1. I would like to become more aware of how to create an online unit. When I was in high school I remember how frustrating it could be working on homework and having questions, but having no way to communicate with your teacher to answer those questions. I would love to learn how to efficiently use things like Google+, Twitter, Youtube, and more to be able to fully benefit my future students.
  2. Blogging, blogging, and more blogging. I think blogging would be a great place to share my world views; however, I am still a little intimidated of it. One of the best personal websites I’ve seen, and that we referred to a lot in ECMP 355, is Katia’s, so I think her Youtube videos on blogs would be a good place to start learning. I also think that getting the opportunity to consistently write and share my ideas for this class will help me become a more confident blogger (or at least that’s the goal).
  3. Becoming a strong voice for social justice is something I would love to achieve this semester. This was something I struggled with in ECMP 355 because I was always nervous about what someone else’s retort may be, or by getting trolled. However, I understand how important it is for educators to be a voice for people of minority and a voice for what is right. Social media, like Twitter, is a great place to raise these issues and to inform people by sharing articles or videos. I think that I just need a little more guidance on the best and most effective way to do this.

Altogether, I am mainly looking to broaden my knowledge of EdTech and prepare myself for my future career.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”

-John Dewey


3 thoughts on “Welcome (Back)!

  1. I have been taking a lot of online university courses since I retired. The approach I like best are units that are divided into key points. So Day 3 might have 10 sections. Each section has a short video, then a short written lesson with questions and some links for those interested in further exploration. Each section has a discussion tool to answer or ask questions. Facilitators comment on one or two responses and try to answer remaining questions. Sometimes, there is a short quiz more for self assessment.
    Building a unit like this should be relatively easy.


  2. Hi Alex 🙂

    I follow Dr. Couros on Twitter as admirable creeper of sharing academics. He must be pretty invested in his students if he’s pimp-tweeting their blog posts out . Your profile pic “had me at…..Callie” (I’m a dog lover), but you seem nice too (LOL).

    I’m in my 14th+ year of higher ed studies, and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I love learning from, listening to, and working with aspiring educators. I majored Elementary (PhysEd), and taught majority of my career in Secondary (Special Ed). I love Thai food and Crave cupcakes. Just really got into Twitter this past Fall (@cavalierpups3); so far, I’m buying less gossip magazines on slurpee runs to the local 7ve. You play basketball, I played volleyball (friends off/on?) in college and coached 20+ years at the school, club, college, provincial, and national level. I wasn’t great at math, but apparently you are, so you’ve probably made a reasonable guess at how old I am. Now, to reply to your course goals….

    1) I helped a friend look into the flipped classroom approach (Lindsay White @ Medicine Hat High School). Linds made one for her Physics class; drop her a line 🙂 If you don’t have time to build an online unit, I used the direct messaging feature in Remind to make myself available to my students. Some did ask questions at unreal hours, but if I was up, I answered….and the work usually got done! Some Ss sent me pics of their animals too (welcomed), and some sent me pics of their weekend activities (not so much). #settings
    2) Like yourself, I developed a blog for a course that I took, and I really should get back to it. But I’m always short on time and wonder if I really have anything worth writing/reading about. I see how you’ve used it to reach out to people (you poor thing, and I replied) – so thanks for teaching me.
    3) You got it sista – teaching is about social change:) My dissertation is on Serving Transgender Youth in Secondary Schools with Gay-Straight Alliances (a former student was my muse). @marnipanas and @KristopherWells are two must follows!

    Parting thoughts….technology is great, it’s what you do with it that counts. Remember, the “first rule of [Ed] club”….it’s all about relationships!

    I wish you all the best, Alex!

    PS. citing Dewey already…..YAAAASSSS!
    PSS. Can I ask that you pay it forward [reply], as well? Find someone else’s blog to reply to, tweet the blog link under #blogPIFs, and ask them to do the same. Let’s see if we can help others get their game on, as well.


  3. I follow your professor on Twitter and have used a lot of his tweets with students and colleagues in my HS setting. I like to think of his feed as my personal curated feed. As for blogging – a lovely way to synthesize your learning and engage other educators. I have decided recently that Twitter has turned me into a social justice advocate – now I’m out there with what I value in what I share. I am an instructional coach and teacher of social studies/English. You can follow me at @121coachfssldsb
    Good luck in your studies.


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