The Votes Are In

You guys voted, and the votes are in. It was between two french braids (“boxer braids”) or a french braid that looks like a mohawk; the majority voted for the mohawk. I must admit that I was hoping for the boxer braids because I have already done a french braid and thought two side-by-side braids would be less complex than the mohawk style. I will still do the side by side braids because there are different skills to be learned with that hairstyle. Here is the video of me doing the Mohawk braid.

I apologize for the abrupt end to the video, I had to go grab a hair elastic because I forgot to grab one before I started. I wanted to also add that the reason I record the hairstyles is because in addition to sharing the videos, I also like to look back on the video and review what I do with my hands and the parts I struggle with. Before I did this braid I reviewed the video of me doing my very first french braid.

What I took away from this style was that volumizing powder really helps to stiffen and control the hair; at the beginning of the video I am running the powder through my hair.

The volumizing powder I used

The volumizing powder I used

At first, I tried doing it without powder and just backcombing for volume but I found that backcombing made my hair very knotted. I have found that using tutorials is great, but I will always need to modify steps to what suits my hair and what I am capable of. For example, a Missy Sue tutorial I watched said to separate off the bottom half of the hair you are not including in the “mohawk”. I did not do this because I found my hair too thin to do that, and it also restricted me to which hair I could use which led to a lot of frustration. I also decided to watch a video on how to do this hairstyle on another person (the video used a mannequin). This video suggests backcombing which, as I already mentioned, did not work for me and the tutorial also separates the hair into sections like the first linked video. I did like that this video was gave me a new perspective. Up until this point, I have only been watching videos of people showing how to do hairstyles on themselves, but seeing someone work on another person gave me a better understanding of how to position my hands.

I completed this hairstyle with a half up messy bun. I was so happy with how it turned out that I did it again a few days later for work!

My next challenge: Boxer Braids


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