Actually, Scratch That.

My first time coding was a frustrating but rewarding experience. Before writing this blog post, I read the article “What is coding and why should I care?”. The article talks about how parents often think their kids or even themselves know everything there is to know about technology. Even I was guilty of thinking that I could use my computer to its full potential. My confidence was soon shut down the moment I made my own account on the coding website, Scratch.

The frustration soon set in when I couldn’t even remove the default Sprite (computer graphic that can be manipulated) the website provides.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.40.31 PM

My archnemesis a.k.a the default sprite

I would like to tell you that I was able to, through trial and error, become an expert coder; unfortunately, that is not what happened. I did, however, create a semi-mediocre pong game. I created this game with help from a step-by-step tutorial the website had. The tutorial was definitely helpful with getting me started, but I modified some if the steps they along the way so that it was, in my opinion, easier to play. Instead of starting the game by clicking the green flag, I decided to start the game with the spacebar because that way you could have your mouse in the right position to control the paddle. I also modified the paddle. Originally it would move anywhere your mouse went, but I decided to lock it to a y-coordinate so that the paddle would only move horizontally. Additionally, I went with a basketball theme simply because that is my favourite sport to play.


This experience has really opened my eyes to the importance of teaching coding in school. I wish that I had been taught these skills in school instead of having to learn them now on my own. The use of technology is only becoming more prominent in everyday life which means more and more people will need to know how to program it. Ideally, this will be something everyone can eventually do instead of just experts. What would life be like if we didn’t have people that know how to code and make our phones, tablets, and computers do everything we need them to?





One thought on “Actually, Scratch That.

  1. It sounds like your Scratch experience was similar to mine, Alex! (So frustrating, it was almost comical!) I agree that teaching coding in schools is a good idea; I wish I had already learned these skills too. Your pong game was pretty fun, by the way! After my struggles with Scratch, I’m thoroughly impressed that you learned how to customize it the way you did. Nicely done! 🙂


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