There’s a SOCK in your hair?!

In case you missed the link in my French Braid Headband post here is my attempt (and success!) at the sock bun:

I am proud to say the sock bun has been my biggest success so far. My only regret would be trying this out before bed; because of how good it turned out, I would have liked to wear it like that for a whole day! For this hairstyle, I learned that you can actually buy something called a “hair donut” instead of cutting up your socks.

The wonderful hair donut

The wonderful hair donut

I did find a few useful resources such as a Wikihow tutorial, a Youtube video, and a website that gave a step-by-step tutorial; however, I also consulted with my sister because she has done this hairstyle on herself many times. The most beneficial out of the online resources was probably the Wiki because it had written steps as well as videos for each step, so it was like the other two resources combined. The least helpful was the website because I do not have the same type of hair as the girl in the tutorial, I found the tips to be vague, and the end result in this tutorial was messier than I wanted my final result to be. Although all the online resources I looked at used actual socks I still decided to buy the donut-shaped hair piece because my sister, who is quite familiar with this hairstyle, told me that it would make it more secure. Altogether I was really happy with my end result and I look forward to trying this over the holiday season!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, last chance to have your input on what hairstyle I learn next because I will be learning it over the weekend!


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