The French Braid Headband

When I was in elementary school I watched the reality show The Hills. On the show, the main character, Lauren Conrad, often wore a french braid in the style of a headband.laurenconradbraid

This soon became a very trendy hairstyle to do, and I was constantly asking my sister to do a french braid hairband on my own hair. Although this is not a common hairstyle anymore I decided to try and learn it for old times sake. Because I also just learned a basic french braid I wanted to challenge myself with a more complex french braid, and a challenge it was.

I probably would have been happy with this six years ago; however, today I was happy it was the evening and I would not be going out in public. Before attempting on myself, I went through Youtube to find helpful videos. The most helpful video I watched had tutorials for four different types of french braid headbands. That was useful because I could choose the style that would work best on my hair. I also want to add that in my video I did not include me brushing out my hair but this was a crucial step that I originally tried to skip and failed miserably.

Check out the sock bun I did and will be blogging about soon.



3 thoughts on “The French Braid Headband

  1. I love Lauren’s braids! I have a friend who’s hair goes all the way down her back and is super thick. I am always jealous because she does braids like this and they look great. Keep up the good work!


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