Attempting the French Braid

Hello, everyone! For my learning project, I am going to attemp to master the art  of doing my own hair. I chose this because my capability when it comes to DIY hair is either straightening it or throwing it up into a ponytail, and therefore constantly asking my sister, friends, and my mom to do my hair for me.

The first hairstyle I attempted was the “Basic French Braid” because it is a style I have always wanted to learn but never took the time to actually do it. I watched a couple Youtube videos and read a step-by-step guide. The video that I found the most helpful went in small steps, had a narrator saying the steps out, and was easy to watch because of how it was edited. The video I watched that was not helpful involved a lot of comments that were only beneficial if you had the same type of hair as the person demonstrating.

After watching the video numerous times, I then proceeded to finally apply my knowledge and try it out:

Unfortunately, my French Braid did not look exactly like I had hoped it would. It is actually inside-out and does not look like a traditional French Braid. After I saw how my braid looked I rewatched the helpful Youtube video to try and see what I did wrong. From what I could tell, instead of pulling the strands under one another I pulled them over, which then lead to an inside-out French Braid.

  • Materials Used:
    • Hairbrush
    • 2 small plastic elastics

Some more hairstyles I look forward to learning are a sock bun, a french braid “headband”, basic curls, boxer braids, and if after reading this there are any hairstlyes you would like me to try, please comment below!


4 thoughts on “Attempting the French Braid

  1. Although not 100% what you were going for it looks great! What you did is actually a Dutch braid, where you bring the strands under instead of over! I’ve also seen it called a dragon tail braid. Either way keep up the great work 🙂 I’m excited to see you try the sock bun, it’s one I’ve never been able to figure out!


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