A Reflection on “The Sextortion of Amanda Todd”

Many people get Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts without realizing what they are really starting and forming. The second you tweet, make a status, and upload a picture you have created or added to your digital citizenship, and anyone online has access into that glimpse of your life. This can be very exciting because it gives one the ability to only show what they want you to see. However, if someone does not understand that they are opening up their life to a huge network of people they may share things they do not want people to know, or they may open themselves up to various dangers.

Amanda Todd is an example of being unaware of how public your digital citizenship can become. To her, she was getting praise and attention but did not think about where this “positive” feedback was coming from. I believe that had Amanda been properly educated about safely using the internet, all of the fallouts after initially getting a webcam could have been avoided. I think it is important however, to not just teach students and children what not to do but also teach them what to do. If they now how to properly use social networking it can be a great place for meeting and connecting to people from around the world. It is when kids are not taught these skills that they resort to what they do know how to do. Amanda did have other circumstances such as social anxiety and she, like many other people, thought of the internet as a way to find confidence. People use the anonymity they think they have as a sort of shield but it only takes one download or screenshot for a video or status to be immortalized. Learning how to take advantage and be safe on the internet is crucial for students to learn, because it will help lower the number of students that unknowingly are adding to a digital citizenship that could haunt them down the road.


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