How I Went From Whyville to Twitter

I grew up in a daycare ran by my dad. For after school entertainment-when it was too cold to me forced outside-we would rely on our gamecube or the one desktop computer we had. There were many quarrels over controllers and the keyboard. On the computer, we started with cereal box computer games until the day we were introduced to Whyville. This great website lets you create your own avatar; earn the Whyville currency, clams; and connect with people all over the world that are also using the website. When researching and getting myself up to date on this website I came across the fact that it was actually a learning site. When I think back to my own experience I do remember different strategy games as well as math games and that was how you earned clams. Even having a currency, introduced me to budgeting and calculating numbers.

So how does this relate to my now twitter addiction? Whyville was the first social media account I had. It was somewhere I could connect with my friends that also had accounts as well as many other people from across the world. Since Whyville, I have used MSN/MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, etc.; however, out of all my social media accounts over the years I must say that my Whyville and Twitter accounts have been the most entertaining as well as informational to me. Like Whyville, Twitter gives you the opportunity to connect with people all around the world. Although Twitter is not a virtual world you still are creating a persona via. social networking through your bio, profile picture, and what you choose to tweet about. My twitter addiction started in the ninth grade but I truly believe I would not have been so comfortable on it had it not been for my initial addiction to Whyville.


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